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LWSRA Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Lincolnway Special Recreation Association?

    Lincolnway Special Recreation Association (LWSRA) is a program of adaptive recreation for individuals with disabilities. LWSRA programs are for individuals from preschool through adult who have recreation needs that are not met by regular park district programs. Participants of LWSRA programs and events not only have fun, but make friends, increase physical activity, enjoy new experiences, and refine social and life skills.

  • What towns do you provide service to?

    Our programs provide service to the residents of Frankfort, Mokena, New Lenox, Manhattan, Peotone and Wilmington Island park districts. LWSRA also has a cooperative agreement with South Suburban Special Recreation Association. This agreement enables participants who reside in LWSRA and SSSRA resident communities to participate in selected programs offered by either association at resident rates. Persons residing in the SSSRA member agencies are considered residents. These agencies are: Country Club Hills Park District, Frankfort Square Park District, Hazel Crest Park District, Homewood-Flossmoor Park District, Lan-Oak Park District, Matteson Parks and Recreation Department, Oak Forest Park District, Olympia Fields Park District, Park Forest Recreation and Parks Department, Richton Park Parks and Recreation Department, and Tinley Park - Park District. 

  • What is therapeutic recreation?

    Therapeutic Recreation is a specialized area in the field of recreation that focuses specifically on providing recreation and leisure services for people with disabilities.

  • I am moving out of district. How do I find another SRA near me?

    To find an Illinois SRA for your new location, visit the Special Recreation Association Network of Illinois (SRANI) website - www.specialrecreation.org – Get SRA listings by city on the SRA Directory Page.

  • Do I need to sign in/out when dropping off my son/daughter at a program or event?

    Yes and No. For our general programs and special events we do not require parents/guardians to sign in/out their son/daughter. However, we do require that the parent/guardian bring their child into the program and drop their son/daughter off with an LWSRA staff member.
    The exception to this rule is LWSRA summer camp. In this case, yes, we do require the parent/guardian to sign in/out their camper.
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  • When do I need to fill out paperwork?

    The Annual Information Form has to be filled out EVERY CALENDAR YEAR or whenever information changes. If you complete the form at the start of the year, it is valid through the remainder of the calendar year. The information provided allows LWSRA to conduct its activities safely and to meet the basic needs of the participants. If we do not have a current form on file two (2) days before the program starts, you will be dropped from the program. The form is found online and in the back of the brochure.

  • What forms of payment does LWSRA accept for registration?

    LWSRA accepts checks, cash and credit cards at the office. LWSRA only accepts credit cards for online registration (users must pay in full). Accepted cards online are Visa, Discover, and MasterCard.

  • What happens when a program/event I paid for is cancelled?

    You will be contacted regarding the cancellation. The money will be credited towards your existing balance or applied as a credit on your account if no balance exists. If you have no balance, you may request a refund check for the existing credit by calling us at (815) 462-2900.

  • The program I tried to sign up for was full. How does the wait list work?

    Any individual registering for a full program are automatically added to the waitlist. If openings in a program occur, then the wait listed participants are called in the order their registrations were received in the office to see if they are still interested in attending (all registrations are dated when received).
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Special Events

  • How can I recommend a special event?

    LWSRA is always willing to listen to any program/event idea. You can either contact Melissa Jensen (Youth Programs) or Juanita Williams (Special Events) at the LWSRA office, (815) 462-2900, or we have an open door policy in which you are welcome to come in and share your ideas.

  • What is the age range for individuals at Wild Weekenders events?

    Wild Weekenders Events are limited to those participants 13 years of age and older. Special events are offered by LWSRA for a variety of age groups, but restrictions may still apply depending on the event. Please review age limits for each event/program when registering.

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  • Are all the sports you offer a part of Special Olympics Illinois?

    No, Our Challenger Little League and participants do not compete at Special Olympics. We may also periodically offer different sports or skills camps to introduce new sports to our communities.

  • What factors contribute to the decision of what team an athlete plays on?

    Many factors are considered including, but not limited to: age, skill level assessed by measuring 8 to 10 different skills, coaches input, parents input, levels played during previous years, and changes in physical and mental abilities.

  • How old must one be to compete in Special Olympics?

    Special Olympics allows individuals 8 years of age and older to compete. The new exception to this rule is the "Young Athletes" program. Young Athletes is a starter program for children ages 2-7 to build and enhance motor skills typically used in other Special Olympics sports.

  • At what age would my son/daughter move up?

    If your son or daughter turns 16 (for juniors) or 22 (for adults) at any time within the calendar year, they are considered that old the entire year. The sport that is most affected by this is basketball, with the transition from the junior team to high school and high school to adult.

  • How long is a Special Olympics Illinois Medical Application good for?

    Two years from the date of the doctor's signature.

  • Can I participate without a Medical Application or doctor's signature?

    No, this is a requirement of Special Olympics Illinois and LWSRA. The signature must be original and not a stamp.

  • Does LWSRA accept faxed medical forms?

    No, LWSRA and Special Olympics Illinois require the original form. Please submit the original form to LWSRA. We will then document and submit the form to Special Olympics Illinois.

  • What is the "Team Commitment?"

    This is an effort on LWSRA's part to promote that being part of a team is a commitment. It means each player has committed to the season by agreeing to attend all practices, games and tournaments so as not to let down their fellow teammates.

  • Why do athletes pay a tournament fee?

    The tournament fee covers transportation costs, staff supervision costs, lodging costs, and administrative costs. If one is having financial difficulties, scholarship funds are available. Please call the LWSRA office for more information. Also, LWSRA holds dine-in fundraisers at local restaurants. Eat out and submit a flyer with your bill to get a portion of your check donated back to LWSRA. All money received from these fundraisers go into a fund to help reduce the cost for Special Olympics competitions. You can share flyers with family, friends and neighbors to help increase the amount raised at each event.
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  • Do I need to fill out medication/seizure forms every registration season?

    Yes. Parents/guardians must fill out all applicable medication forms every registration season.

  • Where can I get the LWSRA medication form?

    The medication forms, along with all other forms for registration, can be found in the back of the LWSRA brochure. All forms can also be found right here on the LWSRA website under the "forms" tab on the top menu.

  • Will LWSRA dispense medication for my son/daughter at a program?

    Yes. Parents/guardians are asked to medicate their son/daughter prior to the program; however LWSRA will medicate a participant if it is absolutely necessary to do so. In order for our staff to medicate a participant the parent/guardian must:
    • Complete the Permission to Dispense Medication and the Waiver and Release of all Claims form.
    • Complete and sign the Medication Dispensing Information form.
    • Deliver all medication to the agency in the original prescription bottle or in a clearly marked container or envelope (small envelopes available at LWSRA office) that includes the doctor's name, patient's name, pharmacy, medication, strength, dosage, date, and time of day medication is to be given.
    • Verbally communicate with agency staff specific instructions for medication.

  • Can my son/daughter self-medicate at an LWSRA program/event?

    Yes. However, LWSRA sill needs the parent/guardian of that participant to complete the Medication Waiver and Medication Dispensing Information Form. We require this so agency staff are aware of what medications the participant is taking, and all other important information about the medication. Additionally, the program leader will hold onto ALL medication for the duration of a program to keep it secure, even if participant will self-medicate. A participant will not be allowed to self dispense medication if these steps are not followed.
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  • What factors are there that determine door-to-door home only transportation?

    Several issues play a role in this decision: Size of program, time frame, driver availability, operating costs, and locations. Given these factors, we still try to provide door-to-door home when possible to accommodate those who have difficulty driving at night or just would rather not be out late at night.

  • How will we know what our door-to-door times will be?

    When registration closes all transportation routes are created, including door-to-door schedules. Because this is a very involved procedure, considering the number of programs, number of riders, and size of our serving area, you will receive phone calls with the door-to-door times the week of the event. If you have not received a phone call with this information the day of the event, please call the LWSRA office at (815) 462-2900. Also, because of the many details of transportation routing and scheduling, door-to-door registration cannot be accepted after the registration deadline.

  • Am I allowed to bring my registered son/daughter to an event and then have home only transportation?

    Yes a participant may be able to take LWSRA transportation home from an event, provided that transportation is provided for that event and the service has been requested by the registration deadline.

  • Why purchase 2 larger buses?

    The need for new buses and the size of the buses had been discussed and weighed during several LWSRA board meetings. The LWSRA Director approached all senators and representatives in our five park district area with our needs as well as a request for a grant to help with the purchase. State Representative Renée Kosel came through with a proposed grant of $115,000 for the specific purchase of two new buses. The board, considered recommendations of the LWSRA Transportation Manager, made the decision to go out to bid for the purchase of the larger buses. With tax money LWSRA had been saving, the total cost of $186,000 was met. These buses, with space for up to 4 wheelchairs and a maximum capacity of 30 people, will allow us to increase the maximum number of registrants for many programs and events.
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Employment & Volunteers

  • How do I get involved & volunteer for LWSRA programs?

    LWSRA is always looking for volunteer involvement. All you need to do is contact Abby Billips, our Staff & Safety Manager, at the LWSRA office to coordinate a volunteer schedule and follow LWSRA background procedures.
    Email Abby: abillips@lwsra.org or Phone: (815) 462-2900

  • How do I find out if LWSRA currently has any open positions?

    Please view employment opportunities on the LWSRA website (under Staff and Board Information).

  • How old must you be to work/volunteer for LWSRA?

    LWSRA requires its employees to be at least 16 years of age. Volunteer acceptance is handled on a case-by-case basis and could be as young as junior high level.
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  • I notice an error on the site. Who should I notify?

    If you notice an error with the website, please notify Tom Krauss – tkrauss@lwsra.org – or you can call the LWSRA office: (815) 462-2900

  • I can't access a page or retrieve information from your website?

    Your browser may be restricting access. If you notice a problem with the website, please bring it to our attention either by emailing Tom Krauss - tkrauss@lwsra.org - or calling the LWSRA office: (815) 462-2900. The office staff should be able to assist you in getting the information you need.

  • I'm having trouble viewing schedules/agendas. How do I fix this?

    In almost all cases, schedules and agendas posted are in PDF format. To view these files you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
    Get Free Adobe Reader here

  • I cannot see pictures or videos when I click them. What's wrong?

    Some pictures and videos are supplied on the site through Flash or JavaScript. To access this media, please ensure you have a Flash player installed on your computer and JavaScript enabled.
    Install Adobe Flash Player here

  • I cannot get the menu's to function properly. What's wrong?

    This website utilizes dynamic menus through the use of JavaScript. Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser settings.

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