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What is LWSRA's Disability Awareness Program?

LWSRA recognizes the importance of understanding and accepting people with disabilities. Through education, training and hands-on experience, we hope to extend this knowledge to everyone. Assemblies, training and "take-over" days allow LWSRA to reach out to youth, teens and adults in the community in order to build that better understanding and acceptance of those with physical or developmental disabilities.

If you feel your group or organization would benefit from this, please contact Christa McDonough at (815) 320-3514 cmcdonough@lwsra.org.

  • School Assemblies
    Target Audience: All students and faculty.
    Length: 1-2 Hours
    Interaction: Limited interaction with lecture followed by a limited amount of students and/or teachers becoming actively involved in demonstrations (ex: select students have an opportunity to play wheelchair basketball in front of the crowd).
    Rate: $375.00

  • P.E. "Takeover"
    Target Audience: Students (Typically target one grade or a mix of gym classes)
    Length: All day event during each gym period
    Interaction: High Interaction level. Each gym period learns about various adapted sports and actively participates in each station. Students learn the limitations and freedoms athletes are able to experience while competing. Sports include wheelchair basketball (low level impairments), sit volleyball, and goalball (visually impaired). Students will use sport chairs and other equipment to experience the sport the way someone with a disability might experience it. Each period ends with a short question & answer session.
    Rate: $375.00 (Many school follow the takeover with a fundraising event, such as a wheelchair basketball game at night pitting LWSRA Athletes vs. students/faculty. Attendees are charged a small admission fee with proceeds being donated to LWSRA's sports teams. If a school hosts a fundraising event, LWSRA will waive the fee for the P.E. Takeover during the day.)
    *Notes: The most effective way to utilize this program is to target a specific grade each year (ex: take-over all 7th grade or junior gym classes and repeat with the new 7th graders or juniors each following year.) We can also accomodate a mix of gym classes in the first year to reach the most individuals.

  • Disability Trainings
    Target Audience: Small groups (students, staff, etc.)
    Length: 30 minutes to an hour
    Interaction: Limited hands-on participation with group Q&A session. (Short presentation is delivered to a small group of individuals to highlight what it is like to live with a disability as well as address common misconceptions of people with disabilities and how to interact with those who have a disability.)

How to schedule a Disability Awareness Event:
If you would like to have a Disability Awareness event at your school, please contact Christa McDonough, (815) 320-3514 or cmcdonough@lwsra.org. This is a popular program so please contact us early!

Check out some of our past event photos at facebook.com/LWSRA

Click here for helpful videos to help you learn and visualize how these Adapted Sports are played

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